Yeah, It was Just Like Old Times

posted by on 2010/06/02, under Now

An interoffice L.R.S. memo intercepted.

Founding drummer Colin was in town (from Paris, France) to record with the legion. Here’s the follow-up:

shit man

you really caught me by surprise with that parody band remark
i had no idea that you thought ballad of the green berets was a joke
no wonder the vets want to kill us
what were you thinking when you sang beth or scarborough faire???
serious?or joke?

i wish you had spoke up sooner
i had iron maiden and deep purple that i need sung
i feel bad for making mott sing it
he doesn't really know/like those ones
as for elvira being a parody
i really think it is how we approach it
if we take ourselves seriously and try to do a good job
then i don't think it's a parody
try to play good
some may think it's funny or bad
but it's not funny or bad
it's great
you can be great too
just believe
unfortunately we couldn't get everyone together when you were in town
i really think we should iron out what lrs is
and agree to some kind of charter
a prime directive
maybe should have done that a while ago
sorry about the moldy toilet