LEGION OF ROCK STARS (L.R.S.) invented the performance technique known as the Pure Pleasure Process to free themselves from the shackles of practicing. While listening to songs on headphones equipped with 30dB sound blockers to blot out the outside world, the band members play and sing their hearts out, releasing the Pure Pleasure locked within the songs.


LEGION OF ROCK STARS membership has included Bill Benecke (Billbo), Gene Conway (Gino), Colin Cook (Carlin), David Corrado, Thaddeus Couldron, Dadek, Kevin Jackson (Sleestak), Tom Mott, Daniel Rismann, and Dave Wigforss …

… with assistance from Tim, Larry, Nad, Vera, Perry Crowe, Derek Drymon, Jody Hughes, Keith Walsh, Ted Machold, Joe Orrantia, John Mamais, Danny “El Drunko” McGuffin and Erik “Jytar” Molina.


LEGION OF ROCK STARS formed in 1998 and is currently active. We are not currently playing live shows.


LEGION OF ROCK STARS is originally from Los Angeles. Our members are currently across the globe.


Visit us at myspace.com/legionofrockstars
and at YouTube: username fibboxx


tom at mott studios dot com alloneword