“TURN THAT SHIT OFF!” is a phrase commonly uttered by friends, family and neighbors of you, the listeners of the good sounding music of Legion of Rock Stars. Henceforth, you shall be known as the L.R.F. – the Legion of Rock Fans! Thanks for knowing that our sound is good. And, please be sympathetic to those we haven’t yet “reached.” We will get to their songs.

As a favor to its fans, L.R.S. has joined forces with Jerkwater Werkshop to make available a selection of shirts and tote bags. Actually, Jerkwater Werkshop did all the work, because they are super fans! They get all the money too. L.R.S. isn’t in it for the money, just for the Pure Pleasure. Don’t be a secret Legion of Rock Fan any more! Get a t-shirt!